From Number Theory to Linear Algebra, Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies offers multiple programs that focus on mathematics. 

Fascinated by Mathematics?
Pursue your interest through these organizations.

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies

  • Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes is a residential program of intensive, enrichment courses, including Introduction to Logic, Number Theory, Mathematical Puzzles & Games, Discrete Mathematics, and the Mathematics of Symmetry
  • Stanford High School Summer College gives high school students an opportunity to enroll as a Stanford student during the summer quarter and earn college credit. Courses include: Introduction to Scientific Computing, Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Calculus of Several Variables
  • University-Level Online Mathematics offers largely self-paced courses designed for students who have advanced beyond AP Calculus and want to earn a Continuing Studies credit.
  • Stanford Math Circles offers quarter-long evening sessions focused on problem solving for local elementary, middle and high school students. 

For other opportunities at Stanford, refer to the Stanford Mathematics Department

Innovative Off-Campus Programs

Other Bay Area Math Circles

Enrichment Programs in Mathematics

  • Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics—For mathematically talented high school students.
  • Euclid Lab
  • MathPath—Advanced Summer Camp for students ages 11–14 who show great promise in and a love for mathematics.
  • AwesomeMath Summer Program—A three-week intensive summer camp for mathematically gifted students from around the globe.
  • Texas Mathworks Honors Summer Math Camp—The Texas Mathworks Honors Summer Math Camp (HSMC) is an intensive multi-summer program for outstanding high school students who are excited about mathematics. The goal of the program is to develop talented youth of all backgrounds by providing challenging courses in a unique learning environment.