Answers to the most common questions.

General Information 

Do students receive grades or credits?

No course grades or credits are given for participating in SUMaC. After the program ends, participants are sent a written evaluation from their Instructor and a certificate of completion.

May I participate in the on-campus portion of the program as a commuter student?

No. All students in SUMaC must participate fully in the residential portion of the program. SUMaC places a high value on the integration of its academic and social components, which is accomplished by bringing together students and mentors who share interest and talent in a particular subject. Students interested in non-residential opportunities should explore other Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies programs.

What type of visa do international students require?

International students who have attended our program in the past have been able to enter the U.S. on a visitor’s visa. The number of hours per week in the classroom is 12–15 hours on average. This is below the 18 hours per week typically required for a student visa. Please visit the U.S. State Department’s website (http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/types/types_1262.html) or your local U.S. Embassy or Consulate for official information. Please note that SUMaC is can't to assist participants in obtaining visas. This is a process that the students and their families must undertake themselves with U.S. Immigration Service. If you need a formal acceptance letter to use in your application, we can provide one.


To what does “grade level” refer?

Grade level refers to the student's current grade when he or she submits their application (in Spring). No exceptions will be made to the grade restrictions, but age restrictions allow for some flexibility: Those who are within three months of the age requirement will be eligible. These restrictions are important in providing a social environment that maximizes the value of the SUMaC experience, and take into account considerations for students in the same courses living together in the same residence. Because our social and academic components are tightly integrated, students will enjoy greater academic benefits by learning alongside others who are close in age and grade.

Are there grade-point average or standardized test cut-off scores?

There is neither a test score “cut-off” requirement nor a GPA cut-off. SUMaC seeks students who demonstrate passion for and overall academic excellence in mathematics. All application materials (such as admissions exam, written responses, test scores, teacher recommendations, etc.) are considered together.

Is it okay for parents to help me write my application?

Because of the intensive, challenging nature of SUMaC, it is important that the application reflect the interests and abilities of the student—not the parent—as accurately as possible. Therefore, all required work samples and responses to the application questions must be the student’s own work. While it is acceptable for parents to proof-read the student’s work to correct errors, parents should not write any part of the application for the student. Any misrepresentation in a student’s application is grounds to revoke an offer of admission to the program.

I haven't taken a standardized test. May I still apply?

The standardized test score requirement may be waived for those attending a school outside the US where testing is not available. If you attend school in the US but do not have test scores, you will need to provide a letter from your school on school letterhead certifying that there are no testing records for you, and that the school does not require tests.

Online Application

I'm having trouble with the Online Application. Who can I contact for help?

A complete application consists of a submitted Online Application and a Teacher Recommendation. If your application is incomplete, it is possible that your teacher hasn't yet submitted a recommendation on your behalf. Contact your teacher or check your ApplyWeb account page to manage your recommendations.The SUMaC administrative team would be happy to assist you. Email precollegiate@stanford.edu with any questions.

Where can I find the Admissions Exam?

The admissions exam is accessible once your have started the main application. Student must set their course preferences before they can view the admissions exam on the Work Sample page. 

How will I know when a recommendation in support of my application has been received?

An email will be sent to the student email address provided on the application when a recommendation has been received.

Do I have to wait for teacher recommendations to be submitted before I submit the Online Application?

No. We encourage applicants to submit teacher recommendation requests as early as possible, and to submit your Online Application as soon as you have provided all the information required — don't wait for your teacher to respond. Your recommender may submit a recommendation before or after you submit your Online Application. Once you submit your Online Application, you will be able to check the status of your recommendation requests by logging onto your Slate account.

Admitted Students

Can you accommodate students with food allergies or other special needs?

Yes. Upon admission into the program, students will be asked to provide health information and information regarding any other specific needs. The SUMaC administrative staff will work with students to plan necessary accommodations.

What if a student is sick or injured during the program?

The SUMaC staff strives to maintain a safe environment for all participants. Palo Alto Medical Foundation Pediatric Urgent Care and the Stanford Medical Center are in close proximity to the program’s residence hall, and residential staff members—supported by a team of registered nurses—are trained to facilitate treatment for the full range of medical and health needs of the students in the program.

Does the program provide airport transportation to and from Stanford?

SUMaC provides transportation to and from the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) for participants on designated arrival and departure days only. Students flying into San Francisco who are taking advantage of transportation provided by SUMaC must arrive and depart on the designated days for the session they are attending. SUMaC cannot provide transportation for students if they plan to arrive or leave on other days.

Students who are admitted to the program will be given detailed information regarding airport transportation procedures. Students using the airport shuttle service will provide their flight information to the SUMaC staff members, who will meet students at the airport and accompany them back to Stanford University.  SUMaC also provides transportation to the San Francisco airport on the day of departure. The use of airport shuttle service on arrival and departure days is included in tuition.

Can I participate in other camps while I am attending SUMaC?

No. SUMaC is an intensive, full-time program. Students are expected to participate in all course and program activities for the duration of the session. Students are required to arrive on the first day of the program and leave on the last day; late arrivals and early departures aren't permitted.