Housing & Dining

One of SUMaC's key features is the tight integration of the residential and academic aspects of the program.

We achieve this in part by having a residential team of undergraduate math majors and math graduate students. This model facilitates a setting in which students can engage in mathematical conversation over a meal or during a recreational activity. The atmosphere is one of appreciation and deep interest in mathematics, and the conversations reflect that. However, SUMaC participants also have a breadth of interests, and they enjoy their opportunity to share their interests and experiences with others from around the world.


SUMaC participants live in a historic shingle-style building that was constructed in 1908 and served as the home of the Cooksey family. The three-story building was converted into an undergraduate student residence that goes by the name Synergy. The building is made from California redwood and has a complex-gabled roof, beautiful wood floors, and some of the original ornate mantelpieces. Synergy has become an iconic image of SUMaC, and the building holds a special place in the heart of those who have made it their home during their four weeks at SUMaC.

Dining Halls & Meals 

SUMaC participants dine in Stanford cafeteria-style dining halls, which serve a range of healthy options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The dining halls provide vegetarian and vegan options at every meal, and will cater to special dietary needs (such as kosher or gluten-free meals). Mid-afternoon snacks are served daily at Synergy. Participants can look forward to special catered dinners typically served once a week.